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Painting rentals


Rental of works of art for offices, companies, hotels, restaurants, law offices or medical practices

You like art and painting, but you are currently not resolved to put money into works of art?


You may rejoice in art and painting on a rental basis. I would be happy to provide you with art and paintings – also offering to decorate your rooms (home, office, company, shop, hotel, restaurant, etc.). Moreover, you also can choose art and painting to be exhibited in your event or setting on a rental basis, too.


Lease term can be adapted to your individual needs. Leasing rate varies based on artworks value. When rental period ends, make your own decision - the work of art can be returned, exchanged or even purchased, if it is up for sale. The rental amount which has been paid already, will be credited as partial amount and reduce the base price of the art work.

If you are interested, please contact me for further details.

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